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Poniżej przedstawiam Wam autora niszowego i ciekawego bloga działającego pod adresem: Autor, Steve Baird (profil linkedin), przekonuje na blogu, że design, dobre grafiki powinny ożywić i wytłumaczyć często skomplikowane stany faktyczne czy sytuacje prawne. Steve specjalnie dla nas napisał bardzo ciekawy artykuł, do którego lektury i komentarzy serdecznie zapraszam. Zachęcam również do odwiedzenia jego strony i przejrzenia „produkcji”.


Certain websites relish finding examples of lawyers depicted unattractively (running competitions even) and law firm websites too often publish ill-thought-out graphics. But almost any information can be enhanced when made visual. Today the possibilities for the beautiful display of legal data are wide open. Any firm can source original interactive online design at reasonable cost.

Beyond having an interesting and useful website, law firms should aim to create meaningful information experiences for clients. Let’s consider online training for clients’ staff, and online marketing.


Law Firm wishes to deepen its relationship with Client X, a manufacturing company with 1,000+ staff. Billings by Law Firm last year to Client X were $50,000 – Law Firm believes that this is around 10% of Client X’s total annual external legal spend. The Challenge:  Deepen relationships with Client X across all levels of Client X’s business, and win 40% or more of Client X’s business.  Marketing budget for this purpose: $18,000.

Action plan: Discover an area of Client X’s business that its staff (non-legal) want to know more about. Then design, execute and launch a 25-30 minute interactive online training for the topic, which is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED for Client X, featuring not only Client X’s logos, but actual scenarios that can ONLY be derived from Client X’s industry and circumstances. Include a written or audio statement from a manager of Client X who is supportive of the training, or even its CEO. When complete, provide it to Customer X for no charge, with Law Firm branding. This is what the in-house lawyers of Client X should want to do, so of course you need their buy-in and support.

Provided that the training is well designed with useful and relevant content, it will be noticed and appreciated. It can certainly open doors and deepen long-term relationships.


Law Firm wishes to promote the fact that it has obtained experience and results for clients in a new field. The Challenge: Convey a complex data set to existing and potential clients in an interesting and fun way. Marketing budget for this purpose: $6,000.

Action plan: Design an interactive game-style online presentation, coving the issues and the outcomes achieved. The aim is to hold the viewer’s attention for 3-5 minutes only, but during this time the viewer is immersed. Example: This “Patent Wars” graphic – it’s not a marketing presentation: it’s a 3 minute “experience”. Or this litigation experience map LINK:  by a US law firm: it’s striking and memorable.

Provided that the online audio-visual game/experience is well designed it will make an impact.  Email a link to clients, and publicize the presentation on networks.


  • Price. Independent designers are often cheaper than agencies and may be just are creative.  Agencies may be higher priced, but will have a bigger portfolio to allow you to assess their work.
  • Track Record. You always want to know the capabilities of your designer, so a detailed look at his/her portfolio is essential.
  • Technology. Should be fast loading and mobile compatible.
  • Don’t overdo the content. Lawyers have a natural tendency to want to add explanatory data – but high impact online should stay concise and focused.
  • Support & self-customization options. If you have in-house technical expertise, tools for self-updating or changes are very useful. Otherwise, consider how your designer will support any changes needed post launch.
  • Make sure you have an internal project owner who is enthusiastic and committed to obtaining a quality end-product.
  •, and are useful places to look for independent designers.

By Stephen Baird for Ethicreate (published by Marketing Prawa with permission).

For more about legal online design: visit | Legal Online Design Network.

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Szymon Kwiatkowski

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  1. Steve, the presentation which I reali like is „Patent Wars”. What I like most about it is game-like experience. To be honest I feel as if I were a part of Star Wars :). To me this visuals can be used not only in law marketing but also in universities for young lawyers (maybe it is a cure for boring lectures?). Please tell us what is the biggest advantage of „Patent War”-like presentations?

  2. Szymon,
    Thanks for your question. For me, the idea is to appeal to Generations X & Y. Anyone younger than 45 is very attracted to superior graphics – legal marketing can take advantage of this. When you spend 3 minutes „inside” an interactive graphic, it has the potential to stay with you for a long time. Far more than a newspaper advertisement, for example.

    Good graphics also have the chance of being referred to elsewhere on the web – „Liked” on Facebook, or mentioned in online magazines, and going viral. So you have a chance of unpaid advertising as well. It’s also fun to design and build!

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